Citizens of Ukraine in the Czech Republic

March 24, 2022

We continue to accommodate Ukrainian citizens. We have expanded the information for the participating congregations on the special website. We are sending volunteer, material and financial aid to the Ukrainian-Slovakian border. And we have also received a number of financial donations that are primarily intended to support Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. 

Weekly update: March 24
March 24, 2022 - Citizens of Ukraine in the Czech Republic

Citizens of Ukraine in the Czech Republic

We continue to accommodate Ukrainian citizens in the families of church members or in parish facilities; we organize these activities in cooperation with congregations and Czech authorities. The first of the regional coordinators has started her activity. She is in charge of interventions, telephone consultations, meetings with congregations, translation and interpretation, providing necessary materials in Ukrainian, etc. 

Website for Ukraine support

We are still updating our information website for congregations in Czech ( It has become the main source of all information. Practical information is added several times a day. We update legal information, instructions on how to communicate with the authorities, teaching materials in Czech for foreigners, and most recently, liturgical texts in Czech and Ukrainian for the joint celebration of worship.

Help at the Slovak-Ukrainian border

We are in daily contact with the Lutheran Church in Slovakia (ECAV) and in coordination with local colleagues we send volunteers to the site in weekly tours (Vyšné Nemecké). We have also managed to arrange material aid and are sending the first 10,000 EUR from the church and Diaconia collections to the most needy places.

Financial resources to ensure the aid provided

We have received or have pledged financial donations from our partner churches abroad, to whom we are very grateful for this support. These are funds from the resources of the Protestant Churches in Bavaria, Rhineland, Hessen and Nassau, Baden, Saxony and from the resources of HEKS and GAW. Additional funding was provided by People in Need, the leading Czech humanitarian organisation.