ECCB Synod22 News 2/3: "We live together in one church"

Members of the 4th session of the 35th Synod of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren accepted the following text, which is the result of the previous work of the Commission for the Preparation of a Conversation with Lesbians and Gays in the Church

ECCB Synod22 info 1/3: "We live together in one church"
ECCB Synod22 News 2/3: "We live together in one church"

"We live together in one church, as in the whole society - people of heterosexual and homosexual orientation. In Jesus Christ there is no difference between us. In him God came among us and witnessed his love for all people, especially the neglected and despised. On the cross he took everyone's sin and in his resurrection he gives everyone hope of new life.

We take the Bible's testimony of God seriously. We believe that the Holy Scriptures are currently becoming his word to us under the influence of the Holy Spirit. This also applies to those places where the Scriptures speak about homosexual behavior. When we read the Bible from the center, Jesus Christ, he tells us clearly and unequivocally: God comes to each of us in his love. However, this also often exceeds the limits set by human prejudices.

We are beginning to realize that, despite the witness of Christ's love, people of homosexual orientation often do not feel comfortable in our churches. We are sorry. We confess that in the past the church has often hurt these people. We apologize to them.

As the Church of Christ, we desire to be a community where the reality of God's kingdom is reflected in our relationships. We take the apostle's call seriously to strive for what serves peace and common growth. We want people of homosexual orientation to find a home in our churches and, like everyone else, to be received with their partners.

We know that there are different interpretations and understandings with regard to the issue of homosexual relationships. We do not want this to lead to radicalization and intolerance in society and in the Church. After all, it is in the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, created in a lively conversation of various church traditions, that we can carry our differences and be united in Jesus Christ."

Members of the 4th Session of the 35th Synod of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

21 May 2022 in Svitavy

Translation: David Sinclair