Letter for all local congregations....One Year After

March 1, 2023

One year since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the church’s leaders are calling for courage and perseverance in helping. Below, you can read the letter in full.

Letter for the congregations....One Year After
March 1, 2023 - Letter for all local congregations....One Year After

Dear Sisters, dear Brothers,

Tomorrow, a year will have passed since we woke up to a different world. The Russian attack on Ukraine plunged us into uncertainty and fear. The aggressor’s growing brutality towards civilians, its disregard for human lives, including those of its own people, and its brazen ideological and religious justification of this war, further deepen our concerns. We have a feeling that the night ahead is still long…

At the same time, we are moved by the courage and the sacrifices of those who are protecting their country, protecting freedom. We are called to compassion with the plight of refugees, their need for acceptance and support. We are grateful to all the congregations and individuals who have joined in the efforts to help the refugees. Meeting these people is often mutually enriching and leads to new friendships. All of this has been transforming and mobilising us in ways we could not have imagined until recently.

We pray for the preservation of human life on both sides. We pray for a peace that will honour law, justice, freedom and will not in any way encourage repeated attempts at war. We pray for those who have lost loved ones or their homes. We pray for our own determination to persevere in supporting those under attack and in helping the refugees.

Pavel Pokorný
Synodal Senior

Jiří Schneider
Synodal Curator

Martin Balcar
Chief Secretary of the Central Church Office